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3 Benefits of Prescription Glasses

The Junction Apartments, Menomonee Falls, WI  They compliment your best features and help you avoid injury. Yes, we love prescription glasses. Learn more by visiting our blog today!


The summer season is approaching fast and we want you to enjoy all the amenities and adventures available around The Junction apartment community in Menomonee Falls, WI. Today, we’re sharing three benefits of having prescription glasses, because if you can’t see clearly, you might miss out on something extraordinary. If you’ve never worn glasses but need them, don’t worry. There are a few benefits worth looking into.


1. Prescription Glasses Compliment Your Best Features


It’s no surprise that one of the first things we think of when getting prescription glasses is

how good they’ll look on us. What you should be wondering is how they can make you look

even better than you already do. Prescription glasses have the power to highlight some of

the best features on your face, providing an overall balance while adding your own personal

style. Whatever the frames, the prescription glasses you choose should make you feel comfortable and confident.


Some websites allow you to upload a photo of your face and then see what you’d look like wearing different styles of frames, like Frames Direct.


2. Prescription Eyeglasses Help Avoid Injury


Many kids and adults often choose not to wear prescription glasses, even if they need them.

This causes issues with driving and other activities. Since about 90 percent of someone’s

reaction time while driving relies on eyesight, not seeing clearly presents a huge danger and



One long-term effect of not wearing prescription glasses when encouraged to

is the incomplete development of the eyes. Prescription glasses help people see a clear

image, which helps as the eyes develop. If kids go for long periods of time without wearing their

prescription glasses, the result can affect their eyes’ normal development.


3. Prescription Eyeglasses Improve Eye Health


Perhaps you have the choice between contacts or prescription glasses, and you aren’t sure

why one would be considered better over the other. Prescription glasses offer some great

benefits when compared to contacts. In addition to less cleaning and maintenance, wearing

prescription glasses is cheaper in the long run and decreases the risk of getting eye

infections; this is due to less touching of the eyes.


While contact lenses are a more convenient and even comfortable option for some people,

prescription glasses don’t bring the same risk of eye infections when compared to contacts.

Keratitis, also called corneal ulcers, is an infection of the clear covering of the eye and is a

higher risk for people who wear contacts than those who wear prescription eyeglasses.

We hope all of our residents stay safe as summer approaches. As you find yourself laying out by our sparkling swimming pool, enjoying our complimentary tanning salon, or hanging out with your dog, keep your eyes in mind. If you’re not seeing clearly, visit your eye doctor today so that you can stay healthy and safe.