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Focus on the Moments that Matter

Sun setting through pine trees.


Have you ever noticed the rings on the stumps of trees? From a young age, we’re taught that a single ring represents a year of that tree’s life, but they can tell us even more than that. Scientists can learn not only the age of a tree by looking at its rings, they can also learn about the growing conditions during the tree’s life. For example, during seasons and years of good, ideal weather, the growth is steady. When the weather and conditions are terrible, or less-ideal, the growth is slowed; this is due to the tree focusing its energy on the basic elements that it needs to survive, replenish, and social life can add up so fast that our lives become too busy. We feel overwhelmed with everything, yet we still strive to keep up the same pace throughout it all.

Today, The Junction Blog is sharing a few things to help you slow down so that you can — much like a tree — focus. These things will help you recharge, relax, and get yourself through the week even stronger. Keeping yourself busy is good, but too much can lead to burning yourself out.

One of the best things that you can do for yourself is to watch the sunrise or sunset on a weekly, if not daily, basis. Doing this helps your mind to de-stress, your body to relax, and your life to pause. Check to see times for both the sunrise and sunset for different months out of the year.

Much similar to watching a sunrise or sunset is to take a few minutes to go outside and watch the clouds; this also works if you’re often near a window. It’s important to be still and works best if you are in a quiet place, although we know that can be difficult to come by. If you can’t get anywhere quiet, try listening to relaxing music. The track “Skin” from the movie Ex Machina is a great choice if you need a suggestion!

People watching is also a very beneficial activity, especially if you’re constantly around people here in Menomonee Falls, WI. Take a look at this Guide by Psychology Today to help you know what things to look for when people watching. You can learn a lot about people going about their busy schedules, and it’s not without benefits on your part; observing them is a great way to slow down your own day.

The sun rising and setting, clouds moving across the sky, and people’s interactions are just three moments that truly matter — not because of what is happening, but because of what they can do for our own lives. Like a tree, we must learn to slow down during moments of stress and hardship if we want our lives to continue healthy and strong. The next time you leave your apartment, take some time to slow down, open your eyes, and breathe.