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Look No Further for your Glasses

The Junction Apartments, Menomonee Falls, WI  If you own glasses, you've probably lost them a few times. We have a few tips to help you avoid losing your glasses. Visit our blog for more information.


Welcome back to our apartment community blog! Last time, we shared three benefits of prescription glasses. Today, we’re sharing ways to help you avoid losing your glasses. If you don’t own glasses, no need to worry. These tips can help with other items you misplace. Lose your keys more than you’d like to admit? We’ve got tips to help!


Buy a Case


Cases come in a variety of colors and patterns and are made out of many different types

of materials. There are primarily two types of cases: soft and hard.


If you don’t have one already or your case is really old, buying a new case for your glasses is definitely an investment. It’s not only a protection for your glasses but a home for them. They’re bigger and easier to spot than the glasses alone and they come in varying degrees of styles and colors.


Choose a Spot


A second way to avoid losing your glasses is to choose a spot for them inside your apartment home at The Junction. This should be a place specifically for your glasses.


Designating a single place where you always keep your glasses is a great way to stop losing them. When we keep something in multiple places, it can be hard for our brains to

remember. If there is one place, however, made solely for one item, it will be easier for our

minds to keep track of.


Using Important Items


Losing glasses can be a waste of time and can really set off our daily routine. Sometimes it

takes too much time that we get more frustrated and stressed than we really need to be. Because of how busy life is, it’s important to keep track of those things that we need: keys,

wallet, purse, phone, etc. These things we use every day, and if not every day then often

enough. What is important to us can actually become a great tool to avoid losing

glasses, and one that may be the simplest tool of all.


Where do you keep your wallet? The idea of this suggestion is essentially a way of piggybacking off of other items that you keep close to you. These are items you see every day. Maybe it’s a journal that you write in every night or a book that you absolutely love. There’s a greater chance to avoid losing glasses by placing them next to one of these items. It can be as simple as keeping them next to your phone charger.

Losing things like glasses is a common and frustrating thing that happens to all of us. It’s something that can be avoided, however, and the way to do so can be as simple as buying a case or placing your glasses next to your toothbrush in your Menomonee Falls, WI apartment.