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Spruce Up Your Apartment

The Junction Apartments, Menomonee Falls, WI  This month, take some time to spruce up your apartment space. We've got ideas we think you'll like!


Back in February, we shared a few tips on decorating your apartment walls at The Junction Apartments. This month, we thought we’d take the decorating to the rest of the apartment. We have some advice on sprucing up your space, advice we hope will make your Menomonee Falls, WI apartment feel even more like home. Head to your local furniture store (or your favorite Etsy shop) for a few fun apartment accessories before the month is through.


Make a mini-study

Whether or not you have an extra bedroom to set aside as a study, you can create a small study in your bedroom or living room. Buy a small desk, a mini bookshelf to hold your books, a desk lamp, and a comfy office chair. We really like what we’ve found while visiting Target and Walmart. Have you seen this bookshelf from IKEA (it’s available in black, gray, birch, and white) or this unique table lamp from Etsy? Add little bins and pen cups to hold your office supplies, a framed inspirational quote, and a desk organizer to complete your home office. Remember to have an extension cord near your desk just in case you need an extra outlet or two to charge your laptop and phone.


Add some comfort to your living room

Make your living room even more comfortable with a couple of throw blankets and throw pillows. Buy several sets of pillows and mix-and-match to switch up the look of your living room every few months. Buy pillows that fit a summer, spring, winter, and fall theme. You can change out your pillows every couple of months to fit the weather outside.


There are plenty more ways to make your apartment feel like home. Frame pictures from your last vacation, hang up new curtains, or add artwork to your living room or kitchen. Just remember to make your apartment at The Junction feel like home.


Do you have any apartment decorating tips for us? Let us know in the comments! Thanks for reading our post!